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Our Story

The Sweet Bee Bakery Boutique

The sweetest sting you will ever feel, The Sweet Bee Bakery Boutique is baking up goodness for everyone and every occasion.

Nicole’s love of baking came about by chance. In December 2017, wanting to do her part for the Family’s holiday gathering Nicole decided to give her try at  a raspberry topped no bake cheesecake, it was a success, the family loved it. Soon after Nicole was creating all kinds of cheesecake mashups. Over time Nicole began trying out other mediums of baking to expand her baking creativity.  Decorated sugar cookies, cakes and other treats started to find their way into her kitchen.


On September 21, 2019, The Sweet Bee Bakery Boutique was founded. Nicole’s passion to make beautifully crafted delicious desserts grows with every creation. Creating each customers vision with customer satisfaction and cup of joy is the goal, and Nicole looks forward to every order.

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